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Kitchen & Pantry Organizers for Less Than a Week's Shopping

Everyone wants a new or updated kitchen to work in, but sometimes the renovations are just not feasible. With the economy still shaky, people are reluctant to spend their hard earned cash on thousands of dollars worth of overhaul. The good news is that you don't always have to break the bank to get the put together kitchen you've been hoping for. Here are a few of the best kitchen and pantry organizers that you can get for less than $100.

  • Lazy Susans - Lazy Susans give you a huge advantage over stationary kitchen cabinet organizers. These pivoting pantry organizers bring all the contents of your cabinets right to your fingertips, making every pot, container and supply easily accessible. Everyone knows the plight of Tupperware covers, baking pans, and half empty packets lost to the back of a kitchen cabinet. Now, thanks to innovative Lazy Susans, you can ensure that whatever you put into your cabinets will be readily available when you want it. You can get single, double and even triple-tiered lazy susans to accommodate your exact cabinet size. You also have the choice of circular, kidney/pie cut and "D" shaped lazy susans offering you tailor-made cabinet and pantry organizers.

  • Kitchen Spice Racks - The next step in budget organizing is keeping your drawers, cabinets and countertops organized. Drawer or door spice racks get those small bottles, packets and shakers off of your countertops. Attractive kitchen spice racks also keep the cabinets from becoming overrun with these scattered bottles and boxes. Drawer spice racks offer a custom look that fit snuggly into your drawers, keeping things organized and chic at the same time. Choose from a variety of materials such as wood or metal kitchen spice racks. Drawer and door spice racks are also available with multiple shelves, so you can select a size that is appropriate for your sundries. You can even find adjustable door spice racks that allow you to customize these kitchen storage solutions according to your cabinet shelves.

  • Pantry Shelving - Finally, pantry shelving is the ultimate pantry organizers. While a full out pantry shelving system will run you over the budget, you can easily purchase single door or cabinet pantry organizers to systematize specific sections that are known to be problem areas. Pantry shelving is available in both rustic wood and contemporary metal chrome shelves, and once you see what a difference individual pantry shelving units make, you will certainly agree that they're worth every penny.

Putting your home together doesn't have to mean you spending a lot of money. By assessing your biggest problem areas and focusing in on solutions for these issues, you can find the right kitchen and pantry organizers without a second mortgage. From lazy susans to kitchen spice racks, kitchen and pantry organizers abound, and are ready and waiting to assist you. Get organized today using convenient and efficient drawer and pantry organizers.

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